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In order to meet increasingly tough environmental provisions, many industrial areas have to purify air pollutants before they are emitted into the atmosphere. Wet scrubbers, absorption systems, trickle bed reactors or biowashers are frequently used for this purpose. The efficiency of these systems is also greatly influenced by the packing materials and droplet

catchers or demisters used.

Using structured packing offers the following benefits:

  • Despite low pressure loss, a very efficient separating capacity at maximum turbulence within the packing and therefore excellent material transfers
  • A high chemical consistency by selecting different materials such as PP, PVC or PVDF
  • Optimum water distribution and the prevention of channelling effects even at very high installation heights
  • High compressive strength, making installation heights of up to 15 metres possible
  • Simple and fast assembly of the packing by customisation at the plant
  • Very low blockage rate
  • Verylowpressurelossduetothestructures