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Developments in environmental protection and the resulting environmental provisions pose new challenges to farmers. They need to meet the new requirements and still secure the economic viability of their farms. The use of special plastic components is necessary to be able meet these challenges as easily and successfully as possible. The products offered

by WaLuTech and developed in close collaboration with users, plant manufacturers and institutes, offer solutions in the following application areas:

(1) Stable blackout (light trap)

To rear and fatten animals effectively, it is often necessary to avoid natural light e.g. through ventilators or airways. Light filters and light traps are used for this purpose. The most important features of these light filters include the lowest possible pressure loss, maximum dimout, good cleanability and the easiest and most flexible assembly possible with a long service life. WaLuTech has developed a special profile and support to meet these requirements and it includes precisely these features.

(2) Purification of discharged stable air

Nowadays, stable new builds are only approved if there is a concept for reducing dust and ammonia levels in the waste air produced. Plant manufacturers currently offer effective scrubbers for this purpose, which guarantee cleaning performance of 70-95% for dust and ammonia levels, dealing with odours in the process. The integral components of these scrubbers, which are used both in counterflow and in cross flow, are the packing materials and the droplet catchers selected. These have the following features:

  • Low pressure loss
  • High stability and compressive strength
  • Low contamination levels
  • Easy assembly
  • Cost efficiency

The packing materials and droplet catchers provided by WaLuTech meet all these feature requirements and are used both in chemical scrubbers and in bioscrubbers or trickle bed reactors and have proved their value in countless systems.

(3) Air cooling

In areas with high temperatures, farmers have to consider the temperature inside the stable and cool the stable air if the temperatures are too high. Various methods are used for this purpose. The most economical option is to use evaporative coolers. In the past, packing materials made of cellulose were often used for evaporative cooling. They perform well, but very often have a short service life, depending on the water quality used and the environment. A new plastic AK 150 Cool Pad has been developed for evaporative cooling and it offers the following benefits:

  • Humidifying capacity that is appropriate to keeping animals
  • High cooling performance
  • Approx. 30% less pressure loss
  • Very easy to clean
  • Long service life
  • Very good water distribution
  • Very low drop discharge

The AK 150 Cool Pad is suited to cooling stables, greenhouses or even warehouses.