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Walutech UG (Haftungsbeschränkt) & Co. KG is an independent general partnership. 20 years of experience in the development, manufacture and selling of packing made from plastics – plus independent cooperation with renowned packing manufacturers – guarantee for you, our customers, the single best technical and most economically efficient solution in the use of packing materials.

Our products in use

  • Agricultural applications

    Developments in environmental protection and the resulting environmental provisions pose new challenges to farmers. They need to meet the new requirements and still secure the economic viability of their farms. The use of special plastic components is necessary to be able meet these challenges as easily and successfully as possible. The products offered

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  • Drinking water treatment

    In the process of treating drinking water, it is often pumped from significant depths, to be channelled into the public drinking water network after treatment. One of the first stages of treatment is CO2 saturation of the water, which reduces the pH value. Neutralising towers are used for this purpose.

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  • Cooling tower

    A wide variety of industrial applications require substantial amounts of cooling water for cooling all kinds of processes. There are several ways to provide this cooling water and they often involve a significant cost in energy. One inexpensive and very economical method is cooling by using cooling towers. Cooling towers also make it possible to provide large amounts

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